Brand is not an image, logo, or set of colours.  Graphic devices may help people identify your brand, but your actual brand is what people think about your organization. A brand is created through abranding graphicctions and messages, transmitted to the public. Clear, well targeted messaging without obvious “hype” creates the strongest brand.

Geo-fencing sends content to cell phones in specific geographic locations. It uses GPS (global positioning system) technology to pinpoint people in  selected areas, such as cell phone users at Jericho Beach, in Seattle, or in Argentina.

Geo-targeting delivers targeted content to computers in particular geographic locations. Individuals’ interests are determined according the searches they perform on their browser. Then their location is found through the IP address of their computer. An example of geo-targeting would be having promotion for your book on starfish appear on the computers of everyone who lives in Burnaby and searches for fish or invertebrates.

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