for Authors


Cove Media helps authors access marketing media. We make sure you get the best online, broadcast, and print advertising for the lowest cost. We check to make certain the media have given you exactly what you requested, with the correct timing and placement of your message. Our aim is to get the news about your book to the right people and to the most people in your target group.

We can market your published book on Facebook, Google-plus, and other social media marketing platforms. We specialize in progammatic advertising, which uses cutting-edge software to create the least costly, most efficient online campaigns.

We can geo-target and geo-fence your campaign so it efficiently goes to exactly the right people in the right locations. We can get news of your book online, on target, in a flash.

We can also help generate free publicity for you through our consulting services


May your book sales climb!

Our expertise in content creation extends to a range of authors’ services. We can help shape or re-shape your non-fiction proposal. We can help you communicate with publishers. Our marketing-focused approach presents your book idea as a great fit for the right publishers. We can also help with presentations to agents.

We work out of two locations: Gibsons and Vancouver. Please call or email today for a free consultation.



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